Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rodrigo Martinez Released on Order of Supervision

Score another win for the DOMA Project. The Deportations & Removal Office in Baltimore considered the pending Motion to Reopen and Motion for Emergency Stay of Removal, as well as Edwin Echegoyen's I-130 Marriage-Based Alien Relative Petition in their decision today and determined that Rodrigo should not be deported at this time.  Edwin Echegoyen will now have the $5,000 bond he put up for Rodrigo in 2004 refunded to him.  Rodrigo is now free to return to his daily routine but will be required to report monthly pursuant to an Order of Supervision. According to the couple, the Deportation Officer handling the case could not have been nicer.  More details to follow.

See MetroWeekly article: "Maryland Bi-National Same-Sex Couple Avoids Separation, for Today"

Attorney Lavi Soloway provides the following update about Edwin Echegoyen and Rodrigo Martinez. The Maryland couple, who married in D.C. on March 1, faced separation today, as Martinez was due to surrender in Baltimore for deportation to El Salvador.
Soloway relayed that "Rodrigo was released, details to follow" in an email sent to Metro Weekly at 2:30 p.m. today.

As Soloway wrote to Metro Weekly earlier today, "Rodrigo is in [immigration officials'] custody and will have to surrender his passport, but it looks like they may be releasing him today under an Order of Supervision, taking into account (1) Motion to Reopen Proceedings (2) Motion for Emergency Stay of Removal (3) Pending Petition for Alien Relative (marriage-based) filed by Edwin."

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