Friday, March 4, 2011

Love in the Time of Deportation: After 8 Years Together, Edwin & Rodrigo Have Five Days Left to Save Their Marriage

Edwin Echegoyen and Ricardo Martinez were married
by Professor Ed Ingebretsen on March 1, 2011
Ingebretsen was ordained as a Jesuit Priest in 1981
and is outspoken on issues of religion and culture.
Edwin Echegoyen and Rodrigo Martinez were married on the promenade outside the D.C. Superior Court on March 1 before a group of two dozen friends, family and co-workers. Immediately after the ceremony, Edwin, an American citizen, filed an I-130 Alien Relative Petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requesting a "green card" for his spouse, who is a citizen of El Salvador.

After 8 years together, Edwin and Rodrigo have only five days left to stop the Department of Homeland Security from executing a deportation. Rodrigo has been ordered to surrender himself to the custody of DHS on Wednesday March 9. (Read more about Edwin and Rodrigo here.)

Please help us stop the deportation of Rodrigo Martinez.

Call both the DC and local offices of Edwin & Rodrigo's United States Senators:
Senator Barbara Mikulski (202) 224-4654 and (410) 962-4510
Senator Benjamin Cardin (202) 224-4524 and (301) 762-2974
Representative Chris Von Hollen (202) 225-5341 and (301) 424-3501

Ask them to contact the Department of Homeland Security Deportation Unit in the Baltimore Field Office immediately.

We only have 5 days left to stop this deportation.  The information you need:  RODRIGO MARTINEZ-RODRIGUEZ (File No. A 96 336 082).

In response to the Edwin & Rodrigo's case, two members of Congress this week publicly called for a halt to "DOMA Deportations" (see here and here).  Please ask the Washington, DC staff of Senators Mikulski and Cardin and Congressman Chris Van Hollen to join Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Rep. Jerrold Nadler and issue a public statement calling on the the Obama administration to halt "DOMA deportations."


  1. I just found out that the person who deals with immigrations issues in Mikulsi's DC office is out until Monday noon!

  2. Rep. Van Hollen's office in Rockville MD is where this would be handled--and the woman I spoke to there was familiar with the case and said she is on it (was transferred to her from the DC office). Have tried to impress on everyone I've spoken to how this practice of deporting our partners, and tearing holes in families, must stop!