Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DC Channel 9 Interviews Rodrigo & Edwin as they Exit the Baltimore Deportation Office Today

Delia Gonçalves did a great job on these two reports standing outside the Baltimore Federal Building for hours waiting for the couple to (hopefully) emerge; but there are a few minor points here that she inadvertently misstated. So just for clarification purposes: The Obama administration is enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, they are simply not defending Section 3 of that law in court because they believe it is unconstitutional. Also, the fight here is for recognition of Edwin & Rodrigo's marriage as equal to all other marriages under the Immigration & Nationality Act, and that has nothing to do with "civil unions."

Closing quote: "Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen worked with the couple, he also co-sponsored legislation to ban the Defense of Marriage Act."  Thank you Congressman Van Hollen!

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