Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Edwin & Rodrigo To Meet With Deportation Officer

This morning, shortly before 9 a.m., Edwin Echegoyen and Rodrigo Martinez will present themselves to the Deportation and Removal Branch at the Baltimore District Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As of late Tuesday night, the Deportation and Removals Branch had offered no reprieve from the obligation to surrender no later than March 9. Therefore, in compliance with the notice Edwin received in February demanding that he surrender Rodrigo to the custody of DHS under the terms of the bond agreement executed in 2004, the couple will travel from their home in Rockville, Maryland and, accompanied by closer family members for moral support, they will meet with the government officials who will ultimately decide Rodrigo's fate.  At this point, given his several year-old outstanding Order of Removal, Immigration & Customs Enforcement is likely take Rodrigo into custody on Wednesday and hold him at a government detention facility pending deportation. It is also possible that they may also consider other options including a release under an Order of Supervision (similar to parole,  it would require Rodrigo to comply with routine appointments to check in with the Deportation Officer as they continue to monitor his case). We await news of the Deportation Officer's final decision on Rodrigo's case, which will not be known until Rodrigo surrenders to the custody of the Department of Homeland Security this morning.


  1. Please keep us informed. This is heart wrenching. My hopes and prayers are with these guys.

    Jim T.
    San Francisco

  2. Oh my! I hope he gets to stay!! And I hope that sets precedent for future cases.