Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uniting American Families Act Re-Introduced in Congress

Full Huffington Post story here
Full Bay Area Reporter story here.


  1. I am glad it re-introduce this year, however, I don't feel optimist about it. It has nothing happens for the past 10 years about that bill. I prefer to have hope on Repeal DOMA

  2. We have to push from every angle. And I believe we have to refocus our efforts on this bill in light of the shifting terrain around DOMA. We've had many dark years when it seemed like nothing would move us closer to our goal of living in the US with our loved ones. Despite not knowing where this is going, there is undeniable movement, with even HRC talking about UAFA and showing up for the photo-op of reintroduction. I think it would be a mistake to stop asking for what UAFA aims to accomplish--and we have more reason than ever to do so from a place of underscoring what DOMA does to ALL of us, in all kinds of injurious ways. Even if in the end DOMA repeal is what gets us over the line...

  3. One way to push hard for the Administration to alter their policy regarding deporting foreign partners in bi-national relationships until DOAM is dealt with is to publicly state your refusal to contribute to the democratic cause in 2012, and that you will not vote for them either, much as many gays and lesbians stayed home in 2010 until DADT was repealed -- and guess what, it was a month later!

    So start a movement on Facebook with your friends, and let the dominoes begin falling...