Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Seattle Lesbian: International LGBT Families

"The harsh reality of immigration discrimination is even more consequential. Attorney Lavi Soloway, a founder of Immigration Equality and "Stop the Deportations - The DOMA Project,” reported that tens of thousands of Americans who live and even marry same-sex partners from other countries are currently forbidden from sponsoring their spouses for U.S. residency. His clients Fred and Mark, French-American parents of four who spoke on the panel, described how their family may be torn apart as early as June this year. After being together for over 20 years and adopting four children in the U.S., the French dad cannot remain in country due to immigration discrimination, while the family cannot move to France because the two dads' joint parenting is not recognized there due to discriminatory adoption laws. This case illustrates that, especially for same-sex couples raising children, immigration inequality can tear families apart, leaving them with no acceptable options at all."

Full story here.

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