Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stop the Valentine's Day Deportation of Anton Tanumihardja

Last week we posted the story of Brian and Anton who are fighting a Valentine's Day deportation in Philadelphia. With only a few days left, we are asking our readers to help us by writing and calling their Senator, Bob Casey (D-PA), urging him to fight for a halt to Anton's deportation to Indonesia. We are also asking readers to contact Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security to intervene in this matter.  Every call, letter and fax helps us raise awareness of Anton's case with those who have the power to stop this deportation while Anton's case is still pending before the Board of Immigration Appeals. See our letter to Senator Casey and Secretary Napolitano. For more information email us here.


  1. Please help them remain together. We are facing with the same dilemna. I have to return to Canada and leave my wife here once again. This is not right. Especially at our tender mature age, we should be enjoying each for the remainder of our lives, instead of being apart and spending thousands of dollars to have part of the year together.

  2. I think this is awful. A same-sex married couple should have the same rights as a married man and woman.