Friday, February 18, 2011

EDGE Philadelphia: Binational Couple Nearly Torn Apart on Valentine's Day

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  1. Thank goodness that Anton will now be able to stay in the country with his beloved partner Brian and congratulations on this important victory to the firm of Masliah & Soloway. Creating wins such as this one is essential to the continued success of our movement and to convincing this Administration (and all future administrations) to stop the deportations, and to help change the law to allow same-sex binational couples to stay together, as some 21 other industrialized nations of the world do. It is appalling and shocking that today in 2011, Anton and Brian were forced to go through this and face the uncertainty and fear of deportation proceedings. Let us all applaud the ICE service in this case for issuing the indefinite stay (which I think should be regarded as setting an important precedent), until such time as Congress sees fit to either repeal DOMA or pass UAFA to correct this egregious injustice in the law. There is no reason for American law to be gratuitously and unnecessarily cruel to American citizens, as it does at present in refusing to recognize same-sex marriages for immigration purposes.
    Congratulations Brian & Anton!!!

    Best wishes,
    Justin & Mohamad