Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jesse & Max Celebrate Their Tenth Anniversary

This month we proudly celebrate our tenth anniversary.

It's been an amazing decade, for which we thank all of our friends and family who have nourished our relationship through the years. That nourishment was essential, given the obstacles imposed by the United States government. We never had the luxury to ease into our relationship as we were forced to face stark realities very early on.

It’s ironic that on the one hand we feel stronger as a committed couple (and we love each other more than ever) but on the other hand the US government does not recognize our commitment. This leaves us in an unrecognizable “limbo” the all-too-familiar world of gay  and lesbian binational couples. To survive as a couple in this limbo is not an easy task.

Luckily, we currently live in London where we are recognized as a couple and do not face the same discrimination.  Over the last few weeks we have found ourselves looking back on all these years thinking about our love, commitment & perseverance. The issue of not being able to return to the United States is often the most difficult one.

On the day of our anniversary, we gave each other a long hug and acknowledged how far we have travelled (both literally and figuratively) and knowing there’s so much more to come … for which we are prepared.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support for this fight for justice.

Jesse & Max

We are proud to stand up and demand the dignity, respect and equality that is rightfully ours. This is the receipt for our pending FiancĂ© Visa Petition. We look at it as a historically significant document because it embodies our hope that the U.S. government will soon end the discrimination against same-sex binational couples. This petition is a tool with which we assert full equality.  We call on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to approve this petition and cease enforcing the inhumane and unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act.

Learn more about Jesse & Max's journey through three countries in ten years as they continue to fight to return to the United States. Find out how you can become more involved by contacting us here.


  1. Thanks for sharing !!!!! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary . I pray to God and hope by next year you celebrate the 11th Anv in USA.

    I am almost in the same boat as I am Indian and my partner is from USA. Currently we both are living in NYC but very soon my student visa would end and then I dont know what next we are going to do. But one thing is sure that nobody can keep us apart.....

  2. Rickshay,
    Please feel free to contact us at if you'd like to get involved in this campaign. All communications are confidential.
    Lavi Soloway