Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gay American "Punched in the Gut" - Consulate in Casablanca Rejects His Moroccan Partner

"The good news is that gay Americans can now openly fight and die for their country in the military. The bad news is we are still treated as second-class citizens when it comes to the civil marriage law.

I will always remember the day, and the face of the U.S. government that told me I am not equal to other Americans, that my relationships are not as worthy as those of other Americans."
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  1. Thanks for posting this. I want to add that it is very important to ask your questions at the consulate, as Daniel did. Even if you might get an answer that you do not want to hear. We have to ask and tell about our relationships, including at embassies and consulates, to educate others about our issue.

    There are two things to remember about consulate staff: they are there to help US citizens, and many of them are gay themselves and have foreign partners.

  2. Sure, and another thing to remember, since June 2009 with Clinton in charge of State - USDOS employees can get visas for their foreign partners just as foreigners with their foreign partners coming to the US to work. But, if you are a US citizen who doesn't work for State - forgeddabout it. We just bid a tearful farewell to a loved one on a flight back to Europe today. The exile begins for 2011. Happy F***** New Year!