Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glenn Greenwald: Inhumane Impact of DOMA

Best-selling author, Glenn Greenwald, is a constitutional and civil rights legal expert, frequent television commentator and lecturer.  He is also half of a binational couple. He lives in Brazil with his partner where he has been granted immigration status based on his relationship.

Yesterday, Glenn Greenwald posted this extensive examination of the impact of the Defense of Marriage Act of lesbian and gay binational couples.
"...the human costs from this conduct are severe, though often overlooked. One of the most destructive aspects of DOMA is that it bars gay Americans who are married to a foreign national -- an increasingly common situation for Americans generally in a globalized world -- from obtaining a marriage-based visa for their same-sex foreign spouse. By contrast, Americans who are married to a foreign national of the opposite sex receive more or less automatic visas and then Green Cards for their spouse, entitling them to live together in the U.S."

Read the entire article here on where Glenn Greenwald is a contributing writer.

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